Judy M. Kerr

"The more you read, the less apt you are to make a fool of yourself with pen or word processor."—Stephen King

That First Published Book Tho...

Is there any more exhilarating or nerve wracking a feeling than unboxing and holding a physical copy of your debut novel? I’m sure there is, but right now I can’t focus on anything beyond the fact that this thing—this piece of work—that I toiled over for so many years is out in the big bad world and I’m holding proof of its existence. Warts and all.

Now what? Well, the worries move in and take up residence in my head.

Will anyone buy/read it?

Will they love it?

Hate it?

Or be ambivalent about it?

The possibilities are frightening. Readers (hopefully many!) will grab a copy, but then they’ll have opinions about it—and probably about me. Am I ready for this? I’m living the introvert’s nightmare!

Doubts fill my head. But, alas, I brace myself and get ready for whatever comes my way. I realize my hopes and dreams are coming to fruition and I need to be prepared to take the positive along with the maybe not-so-positive. I’ve now joined the ranks of published authors and for that I’m beyond grateful.
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